I have always worked for this moment, when the power of a story is recognized for its ability to move people to action and create meaningful change.


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Technological advances require ability to anticipate impacts and opportunities they present. Read article >>

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Meet Margareta Barchan

It is my pleasure to host this online community of like-minded business and organizational professionals who are not only striving to deliver great products and services, but who want to do so in creative, innovative ways that are sustainable — and better for our employees, colleagues, stakeholders and communities in which we operate.

It seems the twists and turns of my 40-year career have led me naturally to this opportunity. I am an entrepreneur who has started several successful companies and foundations, always with a focus on the human side of change and an emphasis on environmental and social responsibility.

My work and my studies have taken me around the world and given me a global perspective that I draw on every day. I am a co-founder, past president and CEO of Celemi International, a global learning design company. My efforts to grow Celemi earned me the title of Sweden’s Business Woman of the Year. I currently serve as a director on several corporate boards and nonprofit committeess, and my work monitoring and measuring intangible assets have been widely published. I find it is critical to strike a balance between social responsibility and financial performance.

In addition to facilitating discussions here, I am an affiliate professor in Sustainability at the Lorange Institute of Business in Zurich, and in Leadership & Management at Business School Lausanne, and I continue my private practice coaching and consulting through New Angles for leaders of business and NGOs on issues of sustainability.

Brave Leaders Project is a new initiative undertaken with support from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. Through the research we hope to better understand why some leaders are more prepared to stand up for their values and beliefs than others.

I hold an MSC from HEC Paris, and am a graduate of advanced studies in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Geneva. I am graduated from Harvard Business School and Oxford University.

I invite you to network with me on LinkedIn, where you will find a complete record of my work history.

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