We help teams identify the key issues, talk about the right issues, and ultimately make the right decisions.

The book includes eight practical ways to simplify complexity, handle turbulence, use Big Data and improve results in change and business transformation.

Margareta Barchan and Jeanne Westervelt Rice suggest two approaches they have found effective in influencing organisational and personal values. They suggest thoughtful practices in the work place, namely guided dialogues and reflective writing. They also address the inadequacy of Codes of Conduct in promoting ethical behaviour. Buy the Book



The Change Leaders – A global network of professionals affiliated with the “Coaching and Consulting for Change Program,” a joint venture between Oxford University (UK) and HEC Paris, France Etudes Commerciales (HEC), France.

Lorange Institute of Business in Zurich – A global community offering post-graduate studies, including an Executive MBA and Executive Master of Science, and a variety of Corporate Programs. The Lorange Institute offers specialization in Sustainable Business Management.

Mind the Gaps – This engaging workshop is an effective way to bring individual and organizational values into alignment. It introduces a structure and process to strategic discussions at the compliance, oversight and board level and is the first step in improving compliance and professional integrity across the entire organization.

New Angles – A team of experienced business professionals helps clients integrate social and environmental activities into their business strategy. Visit

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship – The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship offers a broad and objective perspective on the role of business in the 21st century. The business-savvy insights and practical management tools are provided in a context and a community that shares the highest standards and a passion to continuously improve.

BSL Business Shool Lausanne - Educating globally responsible leaders, enabling companies to serve the common good, and engaging in the transformation of business and the economy, are the three key roles of “management education for the world”.

A Springboard to Sustainability
Stakeholders are demanding that organizations operate in a sustainable way — with a focus on social, environmental and financial responsibility. And for good reason: it’s the right thing to do. This workshop features a short and effective hands-on simulation that gives you the opportunity to consider long-term issues around sustainability and balance them with short-term financial realities. It’s a powerful introduction to sustainability and a starting point for a larger mission of increasing growth and value. Contact Margareta for more information.

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