“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow.” Emerson

Brave Leaders have a story to tell.

Great stories capture our hearts, our imaginations, and introduce us to new perspectives and ideas. Think of that speaker you heard who got your attention, captivated you, and inspired you to act.

This blog features the stories of the people that inspire you- stories of Brave Leaders.

The stories we share are about the leaders who have long-term foresight and understand that we need to do things differently not tomorrow, but starting today.

Stories provide bridges between the past and the future—bridges that connect people from different cultures, positions and time. They open up dialogues so we can learn faster, understand our options better.

We are in this together.  There is growing awareness about the need for change at every level: social, environmental, political and humanitarian. Climate change, growing population, water shortages, natural resources crisis – all require businesses, organizations, associations and governments to pull their weight and change the way we produce and consume.

But these institutions are not “the other guy.” They are us…each of us. Change happens at the individual level.

One area to look is our individual actions in the context of our work. Do we take responsibility for the footprints we make in our products and operations?  Who are we accountable to? Who are the stakeholders?

The answers to these questions are ones we must live with our entire life.

It’s a critical assignment – how do we transform the way we run our businesses, our schools, organizations, societies so our legacy for the future generations is a world fit to live in?

A Brave Leader is a person who has the courage to go against the norms, to change attitudes among peers, and question the tide of opinion among key stakeholders, and in the society at large.

Brave Leaders know that we have to change and improve systems to secure a viable future.

They have transformed an organization, started a NGO, made a proposal to the parliament for a new initiative or practice etc.

Behind every decision is insight – someone or some team had a vision for something different and better.  In addition to insight, this person or team had courage – to take the first brave steps to think or act differently.

We have talked to Brave Leaders from all corners of the world, who have reinvented a business, started a NGO, mobilized the young generations to incorporate environmental and social aspects into their decisions, and those  who have been fearless enough to fight for ethics, equality and greater integrity in politics.

Our single purpose with the Brave Leaders project is to inspire our readers, you, to mobilize– to realize your full potential as leaders in all different types of organizations, whether it be in businesses,  political institutions, NGOs or academia – to get the courage to stand up for your values and beliefs, and promote the longevity of our world.

We hope this blog will serve as a valuable resource for future leaders to become Brave Leaders!